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Scott Hyder, Founder

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Scott Hyder, Founder

My name is Scott Hyder. I am married, proud father to two, living in Massachusetts and have been a police officer for the past 14 years. I consider myself the ultimate pizza connoisseur and usually pair it with my finest whiskey, all while sitting at my outside bar I built out of my shed. I mountain bike, hike and love car building shows.

I am a Disabled Veteran who served 10 years in the United States Army as a Combat Engineer. In 2004, I was honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant. During my military career, I was deployed to Kosovo during the Balkan’s conflict, as well as Kenya and Panama for peace keeping missions.

On June 10, 2012, after not hearing from my brother Nicky for a few days, I drove to his house only to discover the horror that he had taken his own life. I’m not sure if there is one word or one emotion to describe how I felt over his loss. I was devastated, confused, torn up, sad for him, sad for his children…angry. I was emotionally falling apart and eventually reached out for help.

My therapy helped me to see that my brother struggled with depression and PTSD. Always appearing upbeat, happy and smiling, but obviously inside fighting a demon and ultimately losing his inner battle.

Scott Hyder and Nick Hyder

That's me with my brother Nicky (right)

After Nick’s suicide, I began to work with a local suicide prevention and awareness team. As a member of The Team Forever Young, my teammates and I participated in numerous Out of The Darkness Walks sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Team Forever Young became AFSP’s national top fundraising team raising over $250,000 to date. I have publicly spoken on many occasions to people of all ages about suicide, suicide prevention and awareness.

Although I find fundraising to be a vital part in raising awareness and prevention, I didn’t feel it was enough for me, so I decided it was my mission to help those struggling.

I personally feel that Veterans, Police Officers and Fire Fighters need more. As a community of defenders, we need a common ground to speak about what is tearing apart the hearts and minds of these heroes. A place where they can speak freely with likeminded professionals about the daily toll these professions take on our minds, our souls and our family lives.

I have personally experienced the effects of war, traumatic injury and homicide. There are times where I have felt alone, like there was no place for me to feel comfortable speaking about the internal turmoil. I wanted to speak with people just like me, relatable individuals who would not judge but would listen.

"I personally feel that Veterans, Police Officers and Fire Fighters need more. As a community of defenders, we need a common ground to speak about what is tearing apart the hearts and minds of these heroes."

I also have seen the devastation left behind with the surviving families. Suicide is not openly spoken about and many people still find shame in admitting that they lost loved ones to suicide. I started this foundation with the hopes to provide not only those suffering but the families of those suffering a safe, non-judgemental environment for healing and coping.

Christopher Hurst, Director of Marketing

Chris HurstChristopher (Chris) Hurst has been with the Hidden Battles Family from the begining. Chris is a 2010 Graduate of Westford Academy and has done some great work with Westford Against Substance Abuse (W.A.S.A) as being on the board in the past, and assisting with the start up of the Westford Farmers Market.

Chris started his public safety career in the private sector doing personal/executive protection and physical security. From there he moved onto the Essex County 911 and Dispatch Center where he was a 911 Dispatcher until he moved into his new role with the Massachusetts State Police as a Dispatcher. Chris has a lot of passion and fire in his work and we are excited to bring him on the Hidden Battles board as the Director of Marketing.

Team Forever Young, Boston 2016
Team Forever Young, Boston 2016

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